Aramco expects full oil production by end-September

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Aramco expects full oil production by end-September

On Friday, the 20th of September 2019, Saudi oil giant, Aramco told that the state-owned oil behemoth and the largest oil producing firm across the globe was expecting to bring back full output capacity by end-September from Khurais oil field and Abqaiq oil processing facility, which were damaged by weekend attacks that US and Saudi officials claimed to be launched from Iran.

More critically, Aramco’s general manager for the Southern area oil operation, Fahad Abdul Karim had been quoted saying on Friday (September 20th) during a tour organized by the company that Aramco had begun to ship repairing equipment from its western allies such as United States in order to rebuild the damaged facilities.

Reportedly, repair works were seen to be under way at both Khurais oil field and Abqiaq oil processing facilities with a number of cranes had been working on to erect burned down stabilization columns, a part of oil-gas separation units.

Meanwhile, expressing sheer optimism over restoring oil output of the damaged facilities by the end of September, Fahad Abdul Karim said to the reporters on Friday (September 20th), “We are working 24/7. This is a beehive.

We are confident we are going back to the full production we were at before the attack (on Khurais) by the end of September. ”