China trade deal could happen sooner than people think, Trump says

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China trade deal could happen sooner than people think, Trump says

On Wednesday, the 25th of September 2019, US President Donald Trump told that a China deal to put an end to a roughly fifteen-month-long trade spat could take place much sooner than many people had been thinking, offsetting some of the concerns related to a blistering Sino-US trade spat that had still been draining millions of euros from the money markets across the globe.

Nonetheless, latest solacing comments of US President Donald Trump came forth a day after he had fuelled up trade concerns further saying that he would not be accepting any kind of bad deal with China, while he had harshly criticized China’s trade policy and practices at the UN’s General Assembly, which eventually casted further glooms over a near-term resolution of a yearlong Sino-US trade abrasion.

As an aftermath, China’s top diplomat vindicated with a fresh blow to US President’s criticism later on Tuesday (September 24th) adding that Beijing would never bow down to threats, nevertheless, China’s foreign minister had also added that he hoped a high-level trade talk next month on Washington might have meaded some affirmative outcomes.

However, in an erratic turn of event, adding that a trade deal with China could be inked much sooner than people think, Trump told to reporters in New York, “They want to make a deal very badly... It could happen sooner than you think. ”