Venezuela and Russia respite Cuba’s fuel-shortage, but energy woes persist

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Venezuela and Russia respite Cuba’s fuel-shortage, but energy woes persist

A fleet of oil shipment from Venezuela earlier this week had proffered some relief to Cuba’s petroleum shortage, which conventionally serves Venezuelan service sectors and healthcare in exchange of fuels, while Prime Minister of Russia, one of the closest allies of Cuba, had pledged further oil shipment over the weeks ahead and to develop the US-sanction hit nation’s energy sector over his visit in the island country on Friday, the 4th of October 2019.

Nonetheless, despite supports from two of its oil-rich allies, Cuba’s energy problem appears to be highly unlikely to resolve in a near-term outlook, as its closest ally, Venezuela’s oil production was curbed out significantly following a stiffer US ban on its heavy crude export aimed at putting more pressure to the populist country’s armed-forces backed President Nicolas Maduro.

In the wake of such withering backdrop on its energy sectors, the centre-left government of Cuba had implemented a slew of energy-saving measures over the recent months. Amid such extent of fuel shortages, which Havana had warned of earlier on September 11th, the Caribbean island country had introduced a stack of austerity measures including a decline of production in some of its state-owned factories, cutting off public transport, promoting use of animal-powered vehicles instead diesel- and petrol-run autos alongside wood-powered ovens.

In point of fact, the United States inclined a sweeping ban on Havana earlier this year after the socialist country had pledged to support President Maduro’s ruling in Venezuela, while Cuba’s neighbouring ally Venezuela responded immediately by heightening its oil shipment to its Caribbean ally despite growing grudges over its own output issue alongside sanction-linked restrictions.