Iranian oil minister says Iran'll try "every possible way" to export crude

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Iranian oil minister says Iran'll try "every possible way" to export crude

In an article published in SHANA, the official website of Iranian foreign ministry, as quoted by Reuters, Bijan Zanganeh, the country's oil minister, said Iran will use “every possible way” to try and export its crude globally.

Presently, after Donald Trump re-imposed sanctions on Iran in November 2018 after exiting the 2015 nuclear deal signed between the United States’ then-president Barack Obama and the Islamic republic in May 2018. Certain countries were allowed to purchase crude from Iran for some months thereafter but the United States asked these nations to cease their oil purchases from Iran.

Zanganeh said, “We will use every possible way to export our oil and we will not succumb to America’s pressure because exporting oil is Iran’s legitimate right”. Zanganeh’s statement also came against the backdrop of China deciding to opt-out of developing Iran’s South Pars’ field’s Phase 11.

This is definitely a setback for the nation whose reserves of natural gas are only second to Saudi Arabia. Earlier, French company Total had pulled out of Phase 11’s development project. The minister also spoke about a potential meeting with his Saudi Arabian counter in accordance with its intention towards fostering better ties with other nations in the middle-east.

He said, “We have no dispute with Saudi Arabia ... I have no problem to meet with Saudi Arabia’s oil minister”. Zanganeh’s statements come even as Saudi Arabian rulers maintain their stand of the Shia-majority country’s primary involvement in the 14th September drone attacks on two Saudi oil refineries.