French EDF seeks to spend €46 billion to build 6 nuclear reactors

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French EDF seeks to spend €46 billion to build 6 nuclear reactors

Paris-based French government-owned power utility company, Électricité de France SA, often abbreviated as EDF in short, said later this week that it might require as little as €46 billion in order to build six of its new-generation EPR nuclear reactors, if the French government of Centre-left President Emmanuel Macron decided to build them, a French Newspaper, Le Monde report published on Saturday, the 9th of November 2019, had unveiled.

Besides, according to Le Monde’s Saturday’s (November 9th) report, the estimated expense to build six nuclear reactors was found at a confidential document sent to the management board of EDF in end-July this year.

On top of that, the Le Monde report had also added citing sources who wished to remain anonymous that each reactors would likely to cost between €7.5 billion to €7.8 billion, while the estimate projected in the confidential report sent to EDF management board was based on earlier expenses of building reactors over the past twenty years.

In point of fact, the latest generation nuclear reactors are highly expensive EPR, usually instrumented by the EDF which includes highly complicated engineering alongside an enhanced safety feature which was placed after Fukushima nuclear reactor meltdown in Japan.