US and China ‘getting close’ to trade deal: White House adviser Kudlow

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US and China ‘getting close’ to trade deal: White House adviser Kudlow

Late on Thursday, the 14th of November 2019, reigniting hope of a Sino-US interim trade deal which US President Donald Trump had intervened repeatedly over the recent weeks and kept global money markets on high-alert, White House Economic Adviser, Larry Kudlow told that the leading negotiators of Washington and Beijing were getting very close to reach a trade accord, adding US and China were engaged in a ‘highly constructive talk’ this week in a bid to put an end to a 16-month-long acrimonious trade war.

Aside from that, Kudlow had signalled that an interim trade deal between the world’s first- and second-largest economy might have been imminent saying that negotiators of both Washington and Beijing had been in close contact via telephone, however declined to proffer any further details on when or where a Sino-US trade agreement would be signed.

Meanwhile, voicing a vociferous tone over reaching a “Phase One” trade accord in near-term outlook, Kudlow said in an event at the council on Foreign Relations in Washington late on Thursday (November 14th), “We’re getting close.

The mood music is pretty good, and that has not always been so in these things. ” Besides, Kudlow’s comment appeared to have eased market concerns which had flamed up again this week following media headlines that trade talks had hit a blind alley on how and when the countries could reduce tariffs, as Wall St. opened in an upscaled note on Friday (November 15th) US morning trading hours.