Labour’s Corbyn to exclude NHS, medicines from trade deal with US

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Labour’s Corbyn to exclude NHS, medicines from trade deal with US

On Saturday, the 16th of November 2019, the UK opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn of Labour Party told that the party would exclude the United Kingdom’s medicines alongside National Health Service from trade deals with the United States if the party could takeover the office following December 12th's general election, as Corbyn had accused PM Boris Johnson of covering up of secret trade talks over National Health Services.

Aside from that, latest balloting promise from UK opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn came forth a day after he had pledged to nationalize BT Broadband in a bid to provide free internet for all, while UK’s current president Johnson had accused EU Commission of picking Labours’ side on a snap December 12th election in Britain, given the scale of relationship PM Boris had developed with the European Union.

Concomitantly, PM Boris Johnson’s affiliation with the United States President Donald Trump alongside his birth and childhood in the United States had casted further doubts amid an escalating EU-US conflicts over tariff.

Meanwhile, accusing Boris Johnson of an attempt which might lead to the privatization of UK’s health care service, Corbyn wrote in the Observer, “Boris Johnson is engaged in a cover-up of secret talks for a sell-out American trade deal that would drive up the cost of medicines and lead to runaway privatization of our health service.

Our public services are not bargaining chips to be traded in secret deals. I pledge a Labour government will exclude the NHS, medicines and public services from any trade deals – and make that binding in law”.