Tory’s Javid pledges to lower Britain’s debt, more financial security

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Tory’s Javid pledges to lower Britain’s debt, more financial security

On Sunday, the 24th of November 2019, the British Chancellor, Sajid Javid, said that the ruling Tories would send out a ‘very detailed costing document’ during launch of its election manifesto, adding that the Conservatives would reduce Britain’s debt ahead of the United Kingdom’s snap election scheduled to be held by December 12th.

In point of fact, the Tories were facing off harsh criticism over its election manifesto, since PM Johnson had pledged nothing yet but a Brexit, while Labour’s Corbyn had already sketched out Labour’s plan to nationalize BT Broadband to deliver free internet for all and an overhaul of UK healthcare sector.

Meanwhile, opposition Labour’s Corbyn had also argued that a triumph in December 12th election for the Conservatives would wield a privatized healthcare sector and a sky-high cost in medial care. However, pledging to more financial security to working people, Javid said in an interview with the Sky News on Sunday (November 24th) what appeared to be the first electoral promise for the Conservatives but a Brexit, “We are also announcing the triple tax lock which is our commitment giving more financial security to working people...

We will set out today, alongside our manifesto...a very detailed costings document. We will be balance day-to-day spending and we can still afford to borrow up to a limit for investment in economic infrastructure. We are still clear that even with our programme, our programme for investment, that debt will be lower at the end of this parliament than at the start of parliament. ”