S. Korea, Japan trade fresh barbs on trade, intelligence deal

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S. Korea, Japan trade fresh barbs on trade, intelligence deal

On Monday, the 25th of November, the lousy neighbours beside the South Pacific and the United States’ two of the most influential Asian allies, South Korea and Japan had exchanged fresh barbs, underscoring an underlying fragility corroding the tie-ups between former foes and allies of the United States.

In point of fact, latest spat over intelligence sharing came forth just a day after South Korea was almost forced to maintain an intelligence sharing pact of the United States, S. Korea and Japan, called as the GSOMIA in short under pressure from the Trump Administration, while the latest Seoul move had been a dramatic turn of event after a media report on Friday (November 22nd) had revealed that S.

Korea was going to step aside from the intelligence sharing pact, nonetheless, it remained unknown what could happen between Washington and Seoul in a few hours that eventually had obligated South Korea to maintain the pact despite months of wears and tears with Japan over trade and a blazing forced wartime labour issue.

However, South Korea had made a last-ditch call on Friday (November 22nd) to maintain the pact on conditions despite an initial decision to sidestep, meanwhile officials from Seoul on Sunday (November 24th) had made an announcement saying they had received a letter of apology from Japanese trade ministry over its earlier comments that it would inflate monitoring of exports of thee core materials used in a semiconductor to S.

Korea. Nevertheless, earlier on Monday (November 25th), a Japanese newspaper, Yomiuri reported that a Japanese foreign ministry official was quoted saying that the announcement from Seoul’s Blue House was not true on trade and its trade ministry had not apologized to S. Korea, which in effect had spurred up trade heats inside the trade triangle in the far-east Asia.