US House passes revised USMCA deal replacing NAFTA

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US House passes revised USMCA deal replacing NAFTA

On Thursday, the 19th of December 2019, as anticipated the US House of Representatives had voted 385 to 41 to approve an amended version of USMCA deal reached last year which involved tougher automotive industry and labour regulations, nonetheless kept a whopping $1.2 trillion in annual trade flows between the three North American nations mostly unchanged.

In point of fact, the USMCA trade pact, a free trade treaty between the United States, Mexico and Canada, was signed off first on September 2018 in a bid to supplant a 1994 NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) deal, which the US President Trump had opposed for years saying the deal led to a loss of millions of US factory workers to low-wage Mexican industries.

As beforementioned, on Thursday’s (December 19th) session, the US House had passed the amended version of USMCA after more than a year of debates over labour’s right and working conditions, while thirty-eight democrats, two Republicans alongside one independent member had voted against the bill.

Besides, following Thursday’s (December 19th) approval in the US House, the vote was sent to the Senate, however it remained unclear on whether the Republican-controlled chamber would take it up before the US President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, while a Senate Republican, Mitch McConnel was quoted saying on Thursday (December 19th) that the deal might be taken up for discussion on January.