US farmers on the verge of another bleak year despite “Phase One” trade deal

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US farmers on the verge of another bleak year despite “Phase One” trade deal

Across the snowy US state of North Dakota, the US farmers had been stuck with fields full of damaged corns hurt by bad weather, lost in thoughts on what crops they would plant next year as the corn fields were their last shimmering ray of hopes after China sanctions had killed their soybean markets last year.

Meanwhile, in the US state of Texas, Colorado and Kansas, US farmers remained overwhelmed on whether they should capitalize on more acres for sorghums instead corns even though China had agreed to purchase US corns as part of the “Phase One” trade deal scheduled to be signed as early as by January 15th, as sorghums plantations costs half as much as of corns and were appealing farmers amid uncertainties over a Sino-US trade deal ahead of a 2020 US presidential election alongside frets of banking on too much over uncertain returns from the corn plants.

Besides, referring to an uncertain China export outlook for US farm goods, a North Dakota farmer Justin Sherlock said in sheer angsts on Saturday (January 4th) to a press agency, “President Trump said that we’re all going to need to go buy bigger tractors.

I don’t think many farmers are going to invest much money until we see that this is a done deal and a long-term deal. ” Corns are usually planted later in the United States after garnering mid-year soybeans.