Trump says US-China “Phase Two” deal may need to wait until November US election

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Trump says US-China “Phase Two” deal may need to wait until November US election

With less than a week left of a Sino-US “Phase One” signing ceremony in Washington, adding a holocaust over a post “Phase One” China trade talks, US President Donald Trump said on Thursday, the 9th of January 2019, that his administration was looking to begin negotiations of a “Phase Two” China deal soon, but a “Phase Two” US-China trade deal might need to wait until November US Presidential election, suggesting further chaos between the world’s first- and second-largest economy.

Aside from that, following Trump’s Thursday’s (January 9th) comment on a “Phase Two” Sino-US trade deal, several analysts were quoted saying if Trump even tried to capitalize on his stance over a China trade deal during his Presidential campaign, he would be shovelling up a path towards his own doom given the extent of liabilities US businesses and agriculture sectors had to grapple with following his one and a half year long trade spat with Beijing adding a full-fledged China deal before November election could have heighten up the US President’s chances.

Meanwhile, echoing the leads of earlier comments from White House Economic Adviser, Larry Kudlow, who had proposed a “Phase Two” trade deal at least in three stages last month, Trump said to the reporters in the White House on Thursday (January 9th), “We’ll start negotiating right away Phase Two.

It’ll take a little time. I think I might want to wait to finish it till after the election because by doing that I think we can actually make a little bit better deal, maybe a lot better deal. ”