China US trade deal commitments not changed during translation, says Mnuchin

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China US trade deal commitments not changed during translation, says Mnuchin

Amid growing scepticism over a 85-page “Phase One” US-China trade deal text that White House took nearly a month to translate in to Chinese, in a bid to curb out concerns US Treasury’s Mnuchin said on Sunday, the 12th of January 2020, that Beijing’s commitments in the “Phase One” trade deal with Washington had not been changed over a time-consuming translation process, adding the 85-page paddling of “Phase One” Sino-US deal text would released as early as this week following a signing ceremony in Washington on January 15th.

Assuaging criticisers in an interview with the Fox News Channel telecasted Sunday (January 12th) morning, US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin was quoted saying that the “Phase One” trade deal the United States and China agreed on December 13th including Beijing’s agreement to purchase $40 to $50 billion worth of US farm goods annually and a total of $200 billion US agricultural products over the next couple of years, had not changed during the lengthy translation process.

Meanwhile, downplaying a raft of rumours winding over the “Phase One” China deal, Mnuchin said in the “Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo” show, “It wasn’t changed in translation.

I don’t know where that rumour started. We have been going through a translation process that I think we said was really a technical issue. And the language will be released this week. So, I think it is — the day of the signing, we will be releasing the English version. And people can see. This is a very, very extensive agreement. ”