New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern announces moves to revive economy

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New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern announces moves to revive economy

New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern has come up with measures to help revive the country’s economy after it emerged from its lockdown, a few days earlier. Ardern, who is being credited as one of the successful leaders in the battle against the pandemic, did a Facebook live session in order to put her ideas out before her people.

Some of the measures include a four-day work-week in order to maintain a work-personal life balance and that which, she said, would help boost domestic tourism to revive the Kiwi economy. New Zealand that sees a tremendous influx of international tourists has suffered because of the pandemic as it shut down foreign travel and closed its airports.

Pay cuts and job losses are said to be heavy in the country. In order to get past this problematic juncture, in her address, Ardern said, “I hear lots of people suggesting we should have a four-day workweek. Ultimately that really sits between employers and employees.

But as I’ve said there’s just so much, we’ve learnt about (the virus) and that flexibility of people working from home, the productivity that can be driven out of that”. Finally, Jacinda Ardern added, “I’d really encourage people to think about that if you’re an employer and in a position to do so.

To think about if that’s something that would work for your workplace because it certainly would help tourism all around the country”.