Poland halts work at 12 coal mines in light of pandemic; union inflames

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Poland halts work at 12 coal mines in light of pandemic; union inflames

The Polish Government had pulled the plugs on 12 coal mines on Tuesday for at least three weeks aimed at containing the pandemic outbreak among the miners, a move which had infuriated a number of coal miners alongside the unions as unions claimed that certain mines were shut down intentionally in a bid to permanently block them out.

In point of fact, latest move from the Polish Government came forth a day after the country’s Deputy Prime Minister Jacek Sasin had notified the Govt. decision regarding the coal mines adding that Polish miners were accounted for roughly a fifth of the pandemic cases in the central European nation.

Nonetheless, the Solidarity trade union had opposed the Government move adding the unions were afraid that the far-right populist Government of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, would permanently close down the coal mines, since Warsaw had already been drawing out a plan to a potential overhaul of the nation’s mining industry.

Besides, according to the statement of Poland’s Deputy Prime Minister Sasin made public on yesterday, ten mines operated by the PGG group alongside two other mines of the state-backed JSW in Silesia, a mining region in Poland that accounted for roughly 20 per cent of the pandemic cases in the Central European country as of Monday, would remain closed for three weeks.

Polish miners to receive full pay for three weeks, says Sasin

Meanwhile, speaking in a news conference, Sasin said followed by the statement, “Such action is needed to eventually quell these epidemic outbreaks,” adding that the coal miners would receive their full pay for three weeks and the nation’s coal output would unlikely to be affected by the move.

Nonetheless, as a consequential repercussion of the move made by the nationalist right-wing Law and Justice Government of Poland, the Solidarity trade union was quoted saying shortly after Sasin’s emergency press briefing, “(The move) will in truth lead to the closing of these workplaces,” raising questions why certain mines with fewer pandemic cases than others in the country were being blocked out.