UK to open citizenship path to 3 million Hong Kongers from January

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UK to open citizenship path to 3 million Hong Kongers from January
UK to open citizenship path to 3 million Hong Kongers from January

On Wednesday, the British Government had issued a statement saying that it would open up an exclusive pathway for as many as 3 million Hong Kongers to obtain a UK citizenship starting from January, marking up another step towards cementing a policy harshly criticized by Beijing.

In point of fact, in a statement released late on Wednesday, the UK Home Office was quoted saying that the Hong Kongers holding a British National Overseas Passport alongside their family members would be eligible to move into the United Kingdom, while initially the eligible 3 million Hong Kongers would be able to work and study in Britain up to 5 years without any paperwork, however, after passing five years in the United Kingdom, the eligible British National Overseas Passport holders would be able to apply for the UK citizenships.

In factuality, latest move from the UK Government of PM Boris Johnson, announced earlier last week and had been met with harsh criticism from China, comes over the heels of an inclination of a National Security Law by China that in effect would enable the Chinese Intelligences to establish permanent holdings in its island city of Hong Kong, eventually raising questions on the autonomous status of the China-controlled Financial HubSpot.

Britain to uphold its duty to the former British colony, says UK Government

Apart from that, the United Kingdom had announced earlier in July that it would be extending its residency rights for roughly 3 million people aimed at providing a home to the British National Overseas Passport holders in Hong Kong, pressing the issue that the UK Government would be upholding its duty to its former colony that had been handed over to China back in the 1997s, however, the announcement had faced off a flurry of criticisms from the officials in Beijing who have already been engaged in a roughly two-year long trade war with the United States, Meanwhile, addressing to Britain’s duty to its former colony, British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said on later part of the day, “Today’s announcement shows the U.K.

is keeping its word: We will not look the other way on Hong Kong, and we will not duck our historic responsibilities to its people.

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