Trump Administration backs partial extension of jobless benefits until end-2020

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Trump Administration backs partial extension of jobless benefits until end-2020

On Saturday, US Treasury’s Steven Mnuchin said that the US President Donald Trump alongside his Administration would support an extension of additional pandemic unemployment benefits until the end of 2020 in the next round of pandemic relief aid adding the benefits would be proffered at a reduced level, tilting the odds towards tens of millions of laid-off Americans who had been withdrawing an additional $600 per week as part of their unemployment benefits.

In point of fact, latest remarks from the US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin came forth as the Trump Administration and the US Congress had been vying to vent out a way towards cutting a decipherable deal for over 30 million unemployed Americans on their next pandemic aid package, since the enhanced jobless benefits of $600 a week that the US Congress had approved in March are scheduled to be expired by July 31.

US House Speaker Pelosi calls for long-term jobless insurance, says Mnuchin

Apart from that, speaking with the reporters on Saturday, following a meet with the staff of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnel to finish up the detail of the next round of trillion-dollar relief package, Mnuchin said, “We don’t want a short-term extension either, we want something till the end of the year.

We want to make sure that there’s a technical correction, so that people don’t get paid more money to stay home than to work,” adding that the US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also said that she was not looking to a short-term resolution of the issue.

Besides, while the White House Chief of Staff Mitch Meadows said in a separate statement that a deal on extended pandemic relief bill could be reached before July 31, Mnuchin added that an initial bill to extend the additional jobless claims benefits would likely to emerge into the Congress as early as by next Monday.