Tesla left over with 3,000 Model 3s in the US inventories

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Tesla left over with 3,000 Model 3s in the US inventories

According to an automotive news website, Electrek, Tesla had over 3,000 Model 3s left in the US inventories as of December 30th, while the buyers remained unsure of federal tax credits, since Tesla declared a 50 percent tax deduction for the purchases delivered before December 31st, however, Tesla had also assured the buyers that they would pay on behalf of the buyers for the purchases made before October 15th.

The report was revealed later part on Monday, the 31st of December and cited people familiar with the matter. Citing credible sources, the Electrek report revealed that the automaker is expected to deliver a large stack of vehicles on the last day of the year, yet it would not be possible for the Tesla Inc.

to clear their whole inventory in a two-day timeframe. While the customers remained confused about the federal tax credits for the deliveries after December 31st, the Tesla Inc. shares were down by 2 percent later on Monday’s short-lived trading session ahead of New Year’s Eve.

While requesting for comments, Tesla Inc. officials did not make any immediate comment. Earlier on December, the company had said that they had been doing everything possible to ensure all of the deliveries by December 31st, including the deliveries ordered as late as December 20th.

Concomitantly, the Tesla head, Elon Musk, had promised to reimburse the customers in cases of delayed deliveries.