White House says Trump willing to sign off a $1.3 trillion pandemic relief bill

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White House says Trump willing to sign off a $1.3 trillion pandemic relief bill

Late on Friday, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said the US President Donald Trump had been willing to sign off a mammothlike $1.3 trillion in second round of pandemic relief bill, remarking a $300 billion increase from the initial $1 billion offer from the Senate Republicans alongside the White House.

In point of fact, latest remark from the White House Chief of Staff Meadows came forth nearly three weeks after the pandemic stimulus talks in the Capitol Hill had broken off without a deal, which eventually had spurred up angsts among the laid-off Americans lavishly languishing from the pandemic outbreak’s fiscal fallouts.

Nonetheless, amid conflicting narratives on whether the US Congress would pass a pandemic relief bill of such scale ahead of a November 3 US Presidential election, Mark Meadows said late on the day, “Trump was right now willing to sign something at $1.3 trillion”.

White House offers $1.3 trillion in relief aid in private talks amid sluggish recovery

Aside from that, Meadows was also quoted saying that the $1.3 trillion in pandemic relief bill was offered in a private session, while the negotiation involved the US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin alongside Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer.

However, the new White House offer had still been $900 billion less than an amount of $2.2 trillion in relief aid what US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had demanded the White House should reconsider before another round of talks over relief bills could begin.

Adding further strains over the possibilities of another round of pandemic relief bill in a near-future, Pelosi had been quoted saying to the reporters late on Thursday that the Democrats would not go lower than $2.2 trillion adding that the total would enable both sides to “meet in the middle”.

On Thursday, Pelosi and Meadows had spoken by phone for 25 minutes, but had failed to reach an accord.