US forewarns global firms of Chinese economic espionage

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US forewarns global firms of Chinese economic espionage

Followed by a stockpile of cases accusing Chinese individuals and firms of economic espionage for China, the Trump Administration had launched an initiative to alert the US firms about protecting their trade secrets from foreign hackers on Monday, the 7th of January, 2019.

In fact, the figures of cyber-attacks on US firms from foreign hackers had been mounting recently, as Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co. and International Business Machines Corp. had been the latest among a lost of list of victims.

The National Counter Intelligence and Security Center, responsible for coordinating the counter intelligence efforts within the US government, had recently launched an initiative to address the US president’s concern, that, many companies had not been guarding their internet lockers against cyber theft.

In particular, the National Counter Intelligence and Security center appeared to be more concerned about cyber attacks on US government agencies, alongside, private sectors, from countries like North Korea, China, Iran and Russia.

On Monday, the Jan. 6th, a veteran FBI agent currently overseeing the center, William Evanina, said in an interview, “Top corporate executives and directors should know the intent of our adversaries and what they are trying to do economically to gain the upper hand.

We are not saying don’t invest in China or with China, but know the risk”.