Brexit trade deal published as European leaders call on an end to “ugly” division

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Brexit trade deal published as European leaders call on an end to “ugly” division

On Saturday, just five days before Britain has been scheduled to part ways with its 47-year-old partner European Union, UK Government of PM Boris Johnson and EU Commission had published the texts of their narrow Brexit trade deal agreed on the Christmas eve.

According to a BBC report published earlier in the day, the narrow Brexit trade deal text included a 1,246-page of political paddling wrapped around a trade ballot with addressed multiple issues such as exchanging classified information, civil nuclear energy, nuclear power alongside a cascade of joint statements, however, the text had annexed the detail of a number of blazing issues such as the rules on origin of fish netted on disputed water, wine trades, medicine, chemicals and security data cooperation, suggested analysts.

What's inside Brexit trade deal

In point of fact, although the EU-UK Brexit trade deal had apprehended the key issues such as fishing rights and Northern Irish border, but much of the bloc’s trade future with UK still remained uncertain.

Nonetheless, according to the Brexit trade deal, named as the “Draft EU-UK Trade Cooperation Agreement,” since UK’s official departure from the bloc by GMT 23.00, December the 31st, there would be no added tariffs or quotas on movement of EU- and UK-borne goods regardless of their origins, while in order to control the subsidiaries’ motion, both parties would have an independent subsidy control adjudicator.

In tandem, regarding the fishing rights, UK had agreed to five-and-a-half years of transitional period before new rules could phase in to dictate on which EU boats would be allowed to fish in the British waters. Aside from that, UK would no longer be a part of the bloc’s security sharing organizations alongside databases such as Europol, Eurojust and SIS-II, while there would be a lower degree of cooperation on exchange of fingerprint and DNA data.

Meanwhile, late in the day, British PM Boris Johnson had urged the Tory lawmakers to back the draft Brexit deal as several European leaders were quoted saying that it was time to leave a five-year long Brexit chaos behind, a Daily Mail newspaper report had revealed.