Olaf Scholz takes Germany's reigns as its new Chancellor in a new coalition govt

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Olaf Scholz takes Germany's reigns as its new Chancellor in a new coalition govt

The post-Angela Merkel era in German politics will be brought in the form of a tri-party coalition among the Social Democrats (SPD), the Greens and the Free Democratic Party (FPD). Olaf Scholz, of the SPD, will meanwhile become the new German Chancellor, putting an end to Merkel’s 16-year reign.

The coalition government will be called the “Traffic-Light Coalition” on account of the colours of each party. The SPD’s colour’s red while the Greens’ is self-explanatory. The FDP, meanwhile, has yellow colours.

In terms of seats won in the election that was held on 26th September, SPD won 206 seats while the Greens won 118 and the FDP finished with 92. Merkel’s party, the Christian Democrats (CDC) won 196 seats which is the lowest that it’s won in all these years.

Olaf Scholz takes Germany's reigns as its new Chancellor

One of the most important aspects that the new German government’s keen on tackling is that of climate change. The new coalition government has indicated that its governance will be focused on protecting the climate.

These include measures such as ending the country’s dependency on coal as early as 2030, which is eight years before the 2038 deadline. In addition, the government also wants to ensure that by 2030, Germany will have around 15 million Electric Vehicles (EVs) and around 80% of its electricity will be sourced through renewable forms of energy.

Lastly, the new coalition wants to allocate two percent of German lands to focus on wind and hydrogen energy. Apart from all these, the Olaf Scholz-led new government also wants to continue to foster the diplomatic relationship between Germany and other major countries in the world, especially those in the European Union.

In a press conference in the German capital, Berlin, Olaf Scholz said, “Today, the traffic light is indispensable when it comes to regulating things clearly and providing the right orientation and ensuring that everyone moves forward safely and smoothly.

My ambition as chancellor is that this traffic light alliance will play a similarly ground-breaking role for Germany”.