Britain will forever regret a no-deal Brexit: Business secretary Greg Clark

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Britain will forever regret a no-deal Brexit: Business secretary Greg Clark

In a newspaper interview on Saturday, the 2nd of February, 2019, Britain’s business secretary, Greg Clark said that the United Kingdom would always regret a divorce with European Union without any rational deal and the UK House of Commons needed to seek a common ground immediately in order to stop that from happening within next two weeks.

Clark’s comment in the Times Magazine came forth, as the report had also revealed, that, the government documents sailed out a warning to the Britain’s transport system, which could get jeopardized following a no-deal Brexit and the UK citizens might have to alter a cascade of their daily habits including diet, and critical medicine supplies might also become vulnerable.

Meanwhile, the Guardian report revealed that the UK officials has been terribly afraid of rotting stockpiles of raw materials ahead of a crippled transport system following a no-deal Brexit. Although, the Brexit deadline set for Britain on March 29th, has been closing in, last month, the members of UK parliament had rejected the exit deal PM May had secured with Brussels, and an amendment vote following the rejection of original Brexit deal had forwarded the UK PM Theresa May to Brussels again to renegotiated the deal over Norther-Ireland border dispute.

Since, a no-deal Brexit may not be avoided among turmoil in UK House of Congress, the UK Business Secretary, Greg Clark, had warned the policymakers, saying that, leaving EU without a practical deal would result in a major disruption in the ongoing trades with European Union, which could also cut the UK businesses out of the Pan-European supply chains.