EU tallies no-deal Brexit compensation for Irish farmers

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EU tallies no-deal Brexit compensation for Irish farmers

On Sunday, the 3rd of February, 2019, an Irish edition of the Sunday Times Newspaper report revealed, that, the European Commission had confirmed a compensation for the Irish farmers to grapple with the seemingly upcoming collapse in the market value ahead of a plausible no-deal Brexit.

In order to cope up with a collapse in the dairy and beef prices, farmers would likely to pile up in lines for hundreds of thousands of euros as emergency aids, according to the newspaper report, while the Irish Agriculture Minister, Michael Creed, had been quoted saying last month, that, the Dublin Irish government would work side-by-side with its fishing and farming industry.

According to the Sunday Times report, the details of the agreement had already been finalized between Michael Creed and the European Commission’s agricultural chief, Phil Hogan. In fact, the similar approach might also be taken for almost all of the countries heavily exposed to British exports including Belgian and Dutch flower producers, alongside Danish bacon and dairy farmers, in order to curb the steep losses, the farmers would be apprehending following a hard-Brexit or a no-deal Brexit.

Besides, the Irish Prime Minister, Leo Varadkar had been quoted saying later this week that, he had already rung the warning bell for EU commission and sought aids for Irish farms, if Britain divorced EU without any deal, leaving them behind in the blond spots.