French employers ready to resume negotiations on unemployment

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French employers ready to resume negotiations on unemployment

U2P, CPME and Medef had agreed on resuming talks over the unemployment insurance reform policies, which had been suspended since the last Monday (Jan. 28th), pending government’s clarification over a short-term bonus-malus contract.

However, on Sunday, the 3rd of February, François Asselin, the President of CPME had confirmed to the press that they had received the consent of authorities to push forward with the unions. Nonetheless, the ongoing talks was interrupted last Monday (Jan.

28th), when French Prime Minister, Emmanuel Macron had declared that he would be placing a mechanism in order to adjust the employers’ contribution, while penalizing the companies, abusing short-term contracts. The comment, alongside device, was apprehended as “deadly for the employment” by multiple companies and employers.

Although the original framework of the negotiation could still be applied, as mentioned by the chiefs of U2P, CPME and Medef, the framework letter did not mention anything like the term “bonus”. Instead, it speaks of an incentive, which could be devised to make the businesses more accountable.

Addressing the government’s approach, a discriminating one, the President of Medef, Geoffroy Roux de Bezieux said last week, “I will propose to our authorities - and I do not doubt that they agree - to return to the negotiations, even if it is difficult, and for which we think that the method initiated by the government is not the right one. ”