General Motor slashes 4,000 workers in latest round of reforms

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General Motor slashes 4,000 workers in latest round of reforms

On Monday, the 4th of February, the General Motor Co. had been quoted saying that they had been planning to initiate a “pink slip handover” to over 4,000 full-time workers, as a part of their latest round of reforms, which had been announced on late November, 2018.

Besides, it also announced that they would be trimming around 15 percent of its workforce (54,000 jobs), alongside halting production in four plants in the United States, in order to grapple with the horrible tax warfare between US and China.

At least two people familiar with the subject matter briefed on Monday (February 4th) that, the General Motor was trimming hundreds of jobs at the IT center in Texas, Georgia, Michigan and Arizona and another 1000 jobs in the Warren, Michigan tech center.

Besides, the US-based carmaker has been filing new pink slip notices with state agencies and disclosing their recent legs of slashes to the US lawmakers, despite intense scrutiny from White House Officials including the US president Donald Trump.

Following GM’s announcement in late November of stalling productions in five North American plants and deducing 15 percent of its workforce, the largest US automaker had trimmed 1,500 contract workers in December and it had also said that, over 2,500 salaried workers had accepted the buyouts.

Addressing to the bulk of cuts expected to be completed over the next couple of weeks, a GM spokesman Pat Morrissey said, “These actions are necessary to secure the future of the company, including preserving thousands of jobs in the U.S.

and globally. We are taking action now while the overall economy and job market are strong, increasing the ability of impacted employees to continue to advance in their careers, should they choose to do so. ”