Trump vouches for Malpass as new World Bank Chief

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Trump vouches for Malpass as new World Bank Chief

The United States’ president Donald Trump vouched for David Malpass, 62, an American economist who currently has been serving as US Treasury Secretary for International affairs, to be the new World Bank Chief, a media report revealed on Monday, the 4th of February, 2019.

A “Politico” report revealed on Monday (February, the 4th), that, the decision for the employment in the Ministry of Finance would be announced on Wednesday, (February, the 6th), while neither Ministry of Finance, nor US presidential office were allowed to send public opinions.

Despite the regulations, Trump remained intransigent as usual and vouched for his Treasury secretary for International affairs to be the New President of World Bank. Since the World bank’s previous boss, Jim Yong Kim had surprisingly announced his resignation last month, which was effective last week on February 1st, blaming the United States for neither supporting the global environmental health, nor initiating any advancement towards its reform, which had been hurt grievously throughout the last year, following multiple sanctions on Iran and a tariff war with China.

The former boss of World Bank, Jim Yong Kim, had been appointed during the term of former US president Barack Obama and he had been experiencing a troubled relationship with the United States alongside, US president Donald Trump, since the 2016 US presidential election.

Since the United States had been traditionally heading the World Bank, the largest lender of the world, which is financing the middle- and lower-income countries, David Malpass is expected to become the next boss of World Bank.