EU wants to ensure UK leaves with a deal, says PM May

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EU wants to ensure UK leaves with a deal, says PM May

When the United Kingdom had been bracing for a hard-Brexit and multinational businesses including financial institutions had been sweeping away their assets from Britain in to other Eurozone countries in order to be connected with the eurozone business following an uncertain Brexit, the UK PM May has again been sent to Brussels to renegotiate a Brexit amendment with the EU commission.

After a meeting with the European Union Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, alongside, President Donald Tusk, UK Prime Minister, Theresa May said on Thursday, the 7th of February, that, she had observed and heard, a yearning from the European Union leaders to ensure that Britain was not leaving without a practical deal.

While UK PM May’s comment might appear to sooth an ongoing drama over Brussels, the EU leaders had asked for insurance for Northern Irish borders, which appeared to be complicating the overall complexion of the recent round of talks.

None the less, addressing to a gesture of goodwill from EU leaders, who would want to ensure that UK leaves the bloc with a decipherable deal, which could also pass through to the House of Commons, the UK PM May said, “What I see and hear from leaders is a desire for us to work together to ensure that we can deliver the UK leaving the European Union with a deal.

It is not going to be easy but crucially President Juncker and I have agreed that talks will now start to find a way through this, to find a way to get this over the line and to deliver on the concerns that parliament has so we get a majority in parliament”.

I am clear that I am going to deliver Brexit, I am going to deliver it on time, that is what I am going to do for the British public. I will be negotiating hard in the coming days to do just that,” added PM May.