As of today, Apex Legends is available on both PS5 and Xbox Series X / S consoles


As of today, Apex Legends is available on both PS5 and Xbox Series X / S consoles

Apex Legends is constantly working to improve the game because in the last 2 years, Apex has become one of the most played games. It is clear that the creators of this game want to be competitive in the market and be at the top, and have brought changes that we will present in the following lines, but first what is Apex Legends for those who do not know? Apex Legends is a famous free multiplayer game in battle royale style such as PUBG and SF-themed Fortnite from TitanFall games.

The authors of the game are Respawn Entertainment whose founders are the authors and founders of the Call of Duty series while working for Infinity Ward. The last thing they did for Infinity Ward was CoD4 Modern Warfare.

However, they decided to start something new and create a company and created Titan Fall 1 and Titan Fall 2 There are some differences between them and PUBG and that is: Eight types of soldiers who have different abilities, and interesting is the way you can revive the character

Official news

Apex Legends officially arrived today on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S, and in parallel with its arrival on the mentioned consoles, EA and Respawn Entertainment launched a special Warriors Collecion Event.

When it comes to new versions, they come with 4K / 60 fps display and numerous technical improvements in the form of HDR, better quality textures and a drastically greater amount of detail. And while Xbox players will automatically get the best version thanks to the Smart Delivery option, active PlayStation players will have to select the PS5 version, then download it, and after the download is complete, delete the PS4 version.

Of course, since the game is still completely free, such a thing should definitely not be a problem. This is news that has surely delighted most of those who enjoy this game! Right now, all those who wanted to feel the 'sweetness' of the game, can turn on their PS5 and Xbox consoles and finally feel the other side of this game, and what it's like to play Apex in a whole new way. We hope you enjoy and reveal your impressions to us after you play