A well-known gamer filed an accusation: Fans insulted his mother


A well-known gamer filed an accusation: Fans insulted his mother

It is not uncommon for strange things to happen even in the world of gaming. As the gaming industry continues to grow and become more and more developed, an increasing number of strange things are happening in the industry.

It was a "young" gamer this time who was at the center of all the attention. In South Korea and throughout the world, Lee Sang-hyeok is one of the most popular and successful professional League of Legends players. Sang-hyeok is known to many people by his nickname Faker, and he is widely regarded as the best player of all time when it comes to LoL.

As a result of his fame, he gained millions of followers, but not all of them had good intentions when following him. No matter how good you are, some people don't like you. In particular, it turned out that a group of Faker supporters had harassed the player himself, to the extent that the criticism turned into a personal insult to not only Sang-hyeok, but also to spreading slander against his mother in the process.

The legal team of Sang-hyeok also alleges that drawings that are unspeakably inappropriate were circulated on the Internet.

Lawsuit: Strange things

This is why the popular player decided to file a lawsuit against a group of his followers, and he was supported by his esports team T1.

Due to all this, the popular player filed a lawsuit against a group of his followers. He realized that was the only option at the moment. According to PC Gamer, this team has been begging fans for some time to be more tolerant of pro players and not harass them in any way.

There has been a recent trend among players to seek protection through lawsuits in order to protect themselves. It is a strange thing that happens, there is no doubt about that, but somebody will have to act. There is a distinct problem with fans in that they take things too seriously, and as a result, situations like this and similar ones occur all of the time that are not healthy for anyone involved.