Max Verstappen partnered with EA Sports!

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Max Verstappen partnered with EA Sports!

Max Verstappen is currently the best driver in F1, and his ambitions remain the same for next season. The Dutchman wants to go for the title! However, in addition to F1, Verstappen works a lot on other plans as well. EA Sports has confirmed that it has reached a partnership with Max Verstappen.

At EA Sports, they are happy that they will collaborate with such a star. “Max is a tenacious competitor and true champion who shares a deep love of games and play,” - Andrea Hopelain said. “As he races into Formula 1 history, we are excited to collaborate with him as one of the best athletes in the world to bring more fans together through our EA SPORTS experiences." The Dutchman is proud that he will represent EA Sports next season.

Whether it’s playing games with my friends or staying competitive when away from the track, EA SPORTS has always been a big part of my life,” said Max Verstappen. “EA SPORTS is an icon for so many millions of fans, and I’m proud to represent them for the 2023 season”.

Red Bull and ambitions

Red Bull has equally big ambitions, just like Verstappen. Juan Pablo Montoya, the former famous F1 driver, praised Red Bull and emphasized their main advantage over others. "Red Bull does such a good job with strategies, they make everybody else look stupid," he told Autosport.

"It's not like anybody else doesn't know what they are doing, but Red Bull has such a better understanding of the strategies and what you need and how to do it. Even if they don't make the right call, if Red Bull makes a wrong call, they make it look right.

And when somebody else makes the right call, Red Bull makes a better one. So it's like: how do you beat this?"

Max Verstappen