Mike "Hastr0" found a game in his collection that he can make a lot of money from

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Mike "Hastr0" found a game in his collection that he can make a lot of money from

It was a pleasant surprise when Mike "Hastr0" Rufail, co-owner of OpTic Gaming, saw the legendary Stadium Events when looking through his collection of childhood Nintendo games. In his career as an esports professional, Hastr0 has accomplished a lot.

As well as playing Call Of Duty, owning Team Envy, and now co-owning OpTic, he has a vast amount of experience in the video game industry. It's easy to tell from the collection of Nintendo games he has that he was a gaming enthusiast from an early age.

As he was reminiscing about the time of his life when he was just a young boy, a collection of games caught his eye. He then noticed something that was truly unique when it came to the gaming industry. Original Stadium Events!

Game and details

It was released in North America in 1987, and it is known as Stadium Events. As a fitness game for the NES platform, it featured four sports events played by players - triple jump, 100m run, steeplechase and long jump - where players had to compete against one another in a variety of athletic events.

Several years later, the game was rereleased as World Class Track Meet, but with a few changes. At best, there were around 10,000 copies of Stadium Events in existence, which is a high number when compared to the number of original copies.

There is no doubt that Stadium Events is one of the rarest NES games on the market, if not the rarest NES game out there. According to Hastr0, he found out via Reddit that the copy he has is very likely a rental copy of NTSC version of the game from 1987.

There is currently a discussion among the co-owners of OpTica as to whether the sticker can be removed and the label on the title. The price of a rarity copy can be as high as $30,000, but copies have been sold for as much as $20,000 before.

As of now, it is unclear whether Hastr0 will sell its Stadium Events or keep it for a considerable amount of time.