Valve banned 46 Dota 2 players


Valve banned 46 Dota 2 players
Valve banned 46 Dota 2 players

There is no doubt that the esports scene in Asia does not have the best reputation when it comes to maintaining gaming integrity. It is not uncommon for scandals to occur when individuals or entire teams are caught fixing matches.

Despite this, a new wave of bans was announced recently by Valve and its Chinese partner Perfect World that shocked the community as a whole. In particular, the players demanded that a full investigation of all suspicious matches played during the winter tour of the DPC be conducted.

Over the course of the past few years, many things have changed and they have lost hope that this issue will be actually investigated in the future. It ended up that many of the big players and teams from China and Southeast Asia ended up being banned by Valve.

Banned players

It has been reported that as many as 46 players have been banned from playing temporarily or permanently. If you do not receive a ban, you will be able to return to playing permanently after one or two years.

Even prior to the new wave of bans on the Chinese scene, the scene was not in the best shape. It seems that the whole scene is in shock today, especially since the two banned teams recently participated in the Lima Major tournament.

In Peru, there were two Chinese-Malaysian teams, EHOME and Knights, who reached the $500,000 Major. As a result, both teams left the competition at the very bottom of the overall standings because the level of international competition was too strong for them.

Knights may have used cheats for the map in the later stages of the game, but there is a question whether they did. Additionally, four former Dawn Gaming players, four from Team Mystique, three from LBZS, and three from Team Flow will no longer be playing professional Dota anytime soon, along with the complete teams of EHOME and Knights.

It has been reported that almost three teams from the first and two teams from the second Chinese divisions are banned. In just a few days, the new DPC season will begin, and we do not know how the region will be able to recover from this loss.