What happened when Pokimane once streamed without makeup?

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What happened when Pokimane once streamed without makeup?

Pokimane is one of the most popular Twitch streamers but unfortunately she drew lots of negative comments after streaming with no makeup. Pokimane has a huge fanbase and her every move and act is followed. Pokimane usually streams with makeup as female streamers as it's tough for female streamers since unfortunately they often receive negative comments for being themselves.

Pokimane often streams games of all sorts, mostly Valorant. Pokimane is a well-known personality in the eSports industry. Unfortunately, female streamers are especially forced to give a lot of attention to their appearance because otherwise they could receive negative comments.

Pokimane went without makeup in 2018

On 23 October, 2018, Pokimane decided to stream without makeup. It led to a raging debate on multiple platforms and hasn't died since. Unfortunately, Pokimane received lots of negative comments for streaming without makeup -- even from her fans.

It's unfortunate that Pokimane -- a very talented streamer -- received negative comments just because she streamed without makeup. Meanwhile, Pokimane discussed filming for "Free Guy." "I think it is one of the most authentic looks at gaming culture that we've had thus far.

I mean, can you name any other gaming-related movie that actually went the extra mile to include actual gamers and livestreamers into their films? I really like that they've looked at it from different angles. Whether it's just your average girl or guy playing the way that they want to represent themselves online or have a different sort of character or personality or style online, and even from an NPC's perspective.

Just from the plot line, you can tell that they're taking a new twist to your regular gaming elements and really putting in that extra effort," Pokimane told SVG. Pokimane, an avid game, revealed "Detroit: Become Human" is one of her favorite games.

"One of my favorite games is "Detroit: Become Human." It's kind of a storyline or a decision-making-based game where everything you decide to do impacts the end story or whatever happens. I like to sometimes do just a chaotic run of that game where you make the craziest decisions, or you don't care who you're killing off just to see what happens.

But it's nice that you can always restart, take a more pacifist angle and explore the different endings depending on what you choose to do." Hopefully if Pokimane decides to ever again stream without makeup it goes well.