List of top-5 most followed Hot Tub Meta streamers on Twitch

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List of top-5 most followed Hot Tub Meta streamers on Twitch

Twitch is the top streaming platform in the world but even some of its users are not fans of the Hot Tub Meta. Gaming is one of the things that is mostly streamed on Twitch but recently the Hot Tub Meta has been very popular.

One of the most followed streamers on Twitch, XQC, said of the Hot Tub Meta: "This is the most pathetic thing on the site”. Here is a list of five most followed Hot Tub streamers on Twitch: 5. Faith 492k followers Faith is a Twitch star and a social media influencer and one of the most vocal Hot Tub streamers.

4: Leynainu 523k followers Leyna has three Shiba dogs and is mainly focused on her in Just Chatting and World of Warcraft streams.

The top 3 Hot Tube streamers

3. Indiefoxx 797k followers Indiefoxx is a a Twitch streamer and and also a singer and a social media influencer.

She is one of the most controversial figures on the platform but also one of the most popular Hot Tub streamers. 2. Alinity 1.3M followers Alinity used to be one of the most hated streamers in the world but now she is one on the list of the most popular Hot Tub streamers.

1. Amouranth 3M followers Amouranth is a Twitch streamer, cosplayer, erotic model and one of the streamers that actually created Hot Tub Meta. Recently, Kotaku did an interview on the topic of Hot Tub Meta. “It’s getting nicer out, and people are getting spring fever,” Twitch partner and cosplayer Spoopy Kitt, who recently added hot tub streams to her repertoire, told Kotaku in a DM.

“I think people like looking at pretty women in bikinis, and I love being in a hot tub and meme-ing around, so it’s a win-win”. Variety streamer XoAeriel said she was the first streamer to use an inflatable hot tub late last year.

“In December of 2020, I went on Amazon and purchased a blow-up hot tub,” she told Kotaku in an email. “I wanted some kind of different content, and no one else was doing it. I got a couple of LED lights to go inside, and when it arrived I began streaming.

Views took off pretty quickly, and my following started to grow pretty fast. A few streamers started noticing my views shot through the roof and also ordered a blow-up hot tub…People have said, ‘Hot tub streams existed before you.’ Yes, this is true. However, blow-up hot tub streams did not, and it never became a meta until I did it”.