Top 5 best Apex legends players!


Top 5 best Apex legends players!
Top 5 best Apex legends players!

Apex Legends is a free multiplayer game in battle royale style such as PUBG and Fortnite with SF themes from TitanFall games. The authors of the game are Respawn Entertainment whose founders are the authors and founders of the Call of Duty series while working for Infinity Ward.

The last thing they did for Infinity Ward was CoD4 Modern Warfare. Then they founded their own company, which was bought again by Electronic Arts, and they developed TitanFall 1 and TitanFall 2 games for them. And now, instead of the third sequel to TitanFall, they have released what is currently the most popular in the gaming world: battle royale.

Apex Legends unlike PUBG and Fortnite games, has eight types of soldiers with different abilities and equipment they can use. So it is very important which soldiers the team has for success in the party. You can also revive a dead player by taking a "memory card" from his box and taking it to the respawn zone.

There are many good players in this game, and those who marked this game, but you are wondering who are the ones who stand out? In this list, we will list some names that are currently the highlight of this game

List of the best players

Albralelie A famous player, who attracts attention with his games on Twitch.

He is interesting to most, and has tremendous talent Jordan Reps Wolf He currently plays for Team SoloMid and his net worth is $ 87,000. A phenomenal player, really Coby “dizzy” Meadows Although, it has been long since he disappeared from the scene, he marked this game by playing for NRG Esports.

It would be great if dizzy came back again and show all the talent he possesses Taisheen Can Öztürk is 21 years old, and was born in Germany. SCARZ EU is a team in which he has one of the main roles, and has impressive statistics.

Phillip “ImperialHal” Dosen Known for his aggressive approach and discipline, ImerialHal is one of the most famous players, and he has shown it countless times in his TSM team.