Octavian "Kripparrian" Morosan openly about Lost Ark and the Path of Exile

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Octavian "Kripparrian" Morosan openly about Lost Ark and the Path of Exile

Octavian "Kripparrian" Morosan, a well-known twitch streamer, has been hugely popular and growing lately, and seems to be one of the most interesting streamers at the moment. In an interview with invenglobal, he talked about some interesting topics such as Lost Arc, MMO games, but also Path of Exile In the start, Kripparrian revealed his impressions regarding the Lost Ark release "I think the game is quite good.

I feel like MMO players are just looking for that new home, and they're hoping to find it in Lost Ark. I don't think [the Founder's Pack] stuff really has too much of an impact if you're just leveling up." "And you know, having that level of accessibility is certainly going to push those numbers through the roof if it's already got some behind it.

Lost Ark has aroused a lot of interest, and the popularity of this game is currently on the rise. The Invenglobal team wondered if he plans to play this game in the long run "So, I actually thought Lost Ark would be a fair split between an MMO and an ARPG." "Because, when you see someone else play, it certainly looks like they're playing a game like Diablo, a game like Path of Exile — even though what they're doing in the game corresponds more to MMO mechanics.

"After playing it quite a bit now, I would assess that it is far more an MMO than it is in ARPG. It is just an ARPG in the top-down look of the game. But everything else — all the actual gameplay — is very MMO-driven." "You're pushing character development, you're pushing item levels very similar as you would in an MMO.

So going in — and I was pretty blind, it's not like I did a crazy amount of research — I thought it would be a fair split, maybe 40% ARPG, 60% MMO. But it's more like 95% MMO, I would say.

Path of Exile

Path of Exile is different from other games, and it seems to be the charm of that game.

Therefore, Kripparrian has revealed what makes this game special "The main thing I really like about Path of Exile is the fact that I can craft really unique builds. And the character customization is just unbelievable." "So adapting the character customization to a new batch of content and challenges that releases every three months — it's always like a perpetual challenge to take it on." "And even still, I have played PoE on and off over the last seven to eight years.

The thing with Path of Exile is, I still don't play it like I would play an MMO full time." "To play MMO full time, you really do need to be playing most or all of the time you spend gaming, I would say. And with PoE, I typically play a lot when there's a new league and slowly drift off to where I would say about half of each league, I'm not really playing.