Volkswagen gives funds for Porsche and Audi in F1

Volkswagen returns to invest in Formula 1, as reported yesterday by the Reuters news agency, which quotes an anonymous source

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Volkswagen gives funds for Porsche and Audi in F1

Volkswagen returns to invest in Formula 1, as reported by Reuters news agency, which quotes an anonymous source: "We hope to be able to communicate our intention to enter Formula 1," as reported by Gazzetta dello Sport. The German group will enter F1 with its sports brands, Porsche and Audi, from 2026.

Audi will be in Formula 1 for the first time. According to Reuters, it would offer McLaren 500 million euros to replace Mercedes in the supply and enter the shareholding. Porsche, on the other hand, would join Red Bull, taking advantage of the new engine factory just built in Milton Keynes to manage the power units left by Honda.

The entry of Volkswagen, in addition to representing a sign of countertrend after the now remote exit of BMW, Toyota and Honda, also constitutes a victory for the F1 boss who, before becoming president of Lamborghini, worked on the prospects in Ingolstadt.

offered by GPs.

Volkswagen gives funds for Porsche and Audi in F1

Porsche is developing a twin-turbo hybrid V8 with 500 kW (680 hp) batteries to participate in the World Endurance Championship (the WEC) from 2023 and consequently resume the winning streak at the 24 Hours of Le Mans (stopped at 16) with an LMDh , already hit the track at the end of January with a zebra livery to camouflage the shapes.

The twin-turbo in question will therefore serve as a test bed for the development of the 1,600 cc 6-cylinder that will be used by the GPs, especially since it was designed to run on renewable fuels. In line with the philosophy of Formula 1 which aims to eliminate carbon emissions by 2030.

Ferrari and Mercedes would not have opposed each other, favoring the agreement that Stefano Domenicali has patiently built in recent years to encourage the entry of new competitors.

John Elkann: "Charles LeClerc and Carlos Sainz best F1 couple"

I also announced the eagerly awaited return to the WEC major class in 2023 with its Le Mans Hypercar (LMH) program, and has won a new audience of enthusiasts with the Ferrari Esports Series, which saw the participation of 35,000 people in all of Europe.

In 2021 Ferrari, our most valuable company, closed a record year, with net revenues of 4.3 billion euros (+ 23.4%) and a record Ebitda of 1.5 billion euros. Ferrari sold 11,155 cars in 2021 and continues to offer extraordinary models positioned at the top of the luxury sector.

During the year, Ferrari enriched its product range with the launch of the 812 Competizione, with its revolutionary aerodynamics; the exciting 296 Gtb, which is equipped with the latest hybrid engine and the fascinating Ferrari Daytona SP3, the latest model of the Icon limited series.

Finally, the company reopened its Cavallino restaurant in Maranello, keeping its historic charm intact. " Ferrari returned to victory in the first GP of the new F1 season, raced in Bahrain. Charles Leclerc dominated the whole weekend in Bahrain, taking his third career victory with Ferrari, a car that this year, from the first outings, seems reliable and fast.

In the press conference Leclerc said: "Pole position, fastest lap, victory: a dream start, and I'm really happy, in these terribly difficult years we thought it would be the moment for redemption, and it has arrived. incredible work giving us a fantastic car and everything went well, even with Carlos' double: we couldn't have done better.

Thanks to the fans, to everyone who has supported us in recent years: an incredible job has been done to get back to the top and now I am incredibly happy. Safety car? Actually, I wished it wasn't there, but I was able to get off to a great start and manage the situation."