Lewis Hamilton: "We make changes to Australia, but they don't work"

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Lewis Hamilton: "We make changes to Australia, but they don't work"

Lewis Hamilton, finished in 13th place the second free practice session at GP Melbourne, third round of the F1 seasn 2022, in Australia, confirming the great Mercedes problems. Lewis said: "With a good lap we are 1 '' behind the best.

We need to talk about the tires with the engineers. I feel good, but it has been a difficult session. Every change we make doesn't make a difference. We are optimistic, but it doesn't matter. they showed results and we can't improve.

We changed something in FP2 but we went better in the first free practice sessions. I think it will be difficult to go back, we can't do much. This is the situation. We try to push, but even with a good lap we are over 1 '' behind the best.

I would like the next race in South Africa. Nice to be back here and also in this room which is the same since I first came to race in Australia. Audi and Porsche in F1 is fantastic for the future and They are welcome. Las Vegas on the calendar? Nice three races in America, at the business level Las Vegas will be spectacular, as at the image level.

I would like to hear that the next race will be in South Africa."

Ferrari and Red Bull won the first two GP of the season

Ferrari returned to victory in the first GP of the new F1 season, raced in Bahrain. Charles Leclerc dominated the whole weekend in Bahrain, taking his third career victory with Ferrari, a car that this year, from the first outings, seems reliable and fast.

In Jeddah, Max Verstappen won ahed of LeClerc and Sainz. In the press conference Leclerc said: "Pole position, fastest lap, victory: a dream start, and I'm really happy, in these terribly difficult years we thought it would be the moment for redemption, and it has arrived.

incredible work giving us a fantastic car and everything went well, even with Carlos' double: we couldn't have done better. Thanks to the fans, to everyone who has supported us in recent years: an incredible job has been done to get back to the top and now I am incredibly happy.

Safety car? Actually, I wished it wasn't there, but I was able to get off to a great start and manage the situation." Carlos Sainz, second behind his team mate and ahead of Lewis Hamiltomn on Mercedes, said: "Ferrari is really back and with this double they are in the places this team should always occupy.

For me it was a bit of a complicated day. but I managed to get it right. Verstappen was unlucky, he deserved second place but it went so much better for Ferrari. You can't imagine how hard we worked to get to this result and finally it was a really fantastic day for everyone. We have a nice and fast car and now. We have to make the most of it. "