Alonso wants to race on for “two or three” more years

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Alonso wants to race on for “two or three” more years

Fernando Alonso, the 40-year-old Alpine F1 driver who won a double back in the 2005 and 2006 with Renault, said in an interview on Friday that he has been mulling an option to remain in the F1 universe for another “two or three years,” as Alpine F1 Team head towards this weekend’s Australian GP in a refurbished Albert Park.

Alonso, who had had his debut in 2001, made a return into the F1 last season with Alpine after a gap of couple of years. The Spaniard who also had driven for McLaren, Ferrari and Minardi F1 team, is still often contemplated as one of the best drivers in Formula One.

Alonso looks to race in F1 for another “two or three years”

Nevertheless, latest remark from Alonso suggests that the 40-year-old will look to a contract extension or a new team at the end of current season, as the beloved Spanish driver’s contract with Alpine F1 team is set to expire by end-2022.

Meanwhile, ahead of the Australian GP in an overhauled Albert Park arena, Alonso said in an interview on Friday, “I will race, I guess, a couple more years, two or three more years. If it is with Alpine it will be good, if it is with another team it will be good as well, but I will find out and I will start these discussions probably in summer.

Let's see”. Besides, adding that a driver’s decision to stay on the F1 grids should be linked to his performance, Alonso said, “I think obviously if I was 25 there will not be this talk, it's an age thing, that people try to find a way for the young talents, but I think this is about performance.

Last year I think I did well, I finished slightly in front of Esteban [Ocon], let's see this year how the battle goes. But this is about performance not about age, and I will as I said, at the beginning of the year, I still feel competitive and fast and feel I am enjoying time in Formula One”.