Mercedes has 20 per cent chance of F1 title win, harangues Wolf

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Mercedes has 20 per cent chance of F1 title win, harangues Wolf

Mercedes Boss Toto Wolf said on Saturday that his team’s chances of winning this year’s F1 title should be placed at an odd of 2:8. In point of fact, latest remarks from the Mercedes F1 boss came against the backdrop of the team’s worst start to a season in more than nine years.

Mercedes F1 team won an eighth straight constructor’s title last year, however, Mercedes’ engineers have been struggling to grapple with a deluge of changes that the FIA had brought in this season. On top of that, latest remark from Toto Wolf came forth just a couple of weeks after the team’s legendary driver Lewis Hamilton, the seven-times world champion who had missed out a chance of topping Michael Schumacher on last season’s title decider, said in an interview that he would not be racing for victories over initial phase of the season.

Toto Wolf says Mercedes has 20% chance to win the season title

Despite growing scrutiny on the Mercedes 2022 F1 car which appears to be struggling in terms of speed when compared to Red Bulls or Ferrari, the 37-year-old Briton ended at fifth on Saturday’s Australian GP qualifier at a much-refurbished Albert Park.

Meanwhile, speaking in an interview with F1, Wolf said following Saturday’s qualifying round, “I think we are on the back foot. If I look at it from a mathematical standpoint and probability. I would say the odds are 20/80, but this is motor racing and in motor racing anything can happen.

Teams can DNF and if we unlock the potential of the car we are right back in the game. So as a racer I would say it's probably 40/60 and as a mathematician I would say the odds are worse against us. But it's the third race of the season and we are not going to write the title off, so it's just the current status quo -- we are 0.9s off”.