Fernando Alonso after Australian GP: I'm speechless, to be honest

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Fernando Alonso after Australian GP: I'm speechless, to be honest

Fernando Alonso had no luck in Australia and ended up as 17th. It is obvious that things did not go well for him, but there is still a lot to go, and Alonso is optimistic that things can change in the next race.
"Speechless, to be honest."- Alonso said, as quoted by motorsport.

"It's hard to accept that everything is going in the wrong way at the moment. But it's only three races in the championship, still 20 to go. "Luck I guess is going to compensate sooner or later in the 23 races and we will be in other occasions lucky, I guess so.

Fernando Alonso is sad

Alonso is sad about the great chance they missed, but they have to move on. The whole team must work on progress "But at the moment we lost P6 in Saudi guaranteed. Here I think we were looking for P6 or P7 before the safety car.

"And obviously, if we take into account yesterday, the podium today was very easy with Max [Verstappen] out. "Beating George [Russell] to the podium, I think we were quite fast, a lot faster than the Mercedes in this circuit, so we lost an opportunity." The DRS train has also affected everyone, but he will have to move on and focus fully on what awaits him in the coming races.

This is going to be a tough season, with a lot of strong teams. Alonso will try to use his skill and experience. "It was difficult," he said. "We exited the pitstop and there were four cars in front of us with a DRS train. "If they are one-by-one you pass them, but when they are four and they all open the DRS, it was impossible.

So we killed the tyres. "As I said, it's tough but it is the way it is. We cannot look back, only look in front of us, and Imola is another opportunity."