Lando Norris: We capitalised on some other failures from others

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Lando Norris: We capitalised on some other failures from others

Although McLaren was not so impressive at the beginning, they managed to achieve a good result at the Australian GP, in the end Lando Norris finished as 5th, while Daniel Ricciardo finished as 6th. "The car has been good from the FP1 and throughout the whole weekend, which is a good thing.

It shows that there are still those strengths in the car," Norris said for motorsport "We just need to keep working on the weaknesses, to be honest, if we want to be here more often because not all tracks are as smooth and as quick as this.

"So, I think this might be as good as it gets for a while and we're going to a couple of tracks which might be a bit tougher for us.
"But the team is motivated. I guess a day like today really helps them out and keeps them happy, so a good result for the team."

Mercedes vs McLaren

Norris tried to catch and parry the Mercedes, however his car was not fast enough.

"I guess we wanted to fight the Mercedes a little bit more than we did," he said. "If I was ahead after turn one without a bad start, they would have passed us at some point in the race anyway, so I don't think we can be too unhappy.

I think we have to be happy with the job we did, they just have a much better car. Norris emphasized that this time they were lucky and capitulated onother people's mistakes.
"We've seen in Bahrain how much quicker they were and the car we have today is basically exactly the same as the car we had in Bahrain.

We've not changed too much but it shows we still have a lot of work to do. "Fifth and sixth is still a great result, I guess it would have been worse if both Ferraris were ahead of us and both Red Bulls. We capitalised on some other failures from others. "But we still have some good points, so we have to be happy with that."