F1 champion Verstappen wants improvement in “turtle” Aston Martin safety cars


F1 champion Verstappen wants improvement in “turtle” Aston Martin safety cars

Title defender Max Verstappen has mimicked F1 Aston Martin safety cars to turtles adding that the safety car was going too slow during Australian GP. In factuality, the Formula One has two safety cars such as an Aston Martin V8 alongside a Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series, while FIA usually alters them between races.

When it comes to technical terms, Verstappen’s remarks could be easily vindicated since the Aston Martin car usually produces 528 brake HP in comparison to Mercedes’ 730 brake HP. From F1 drivers’ viewpoint, a slow safety car could alter the race’s entire landscape, as while being neutralized under a safety car, drivers have to keep their tyre temperatures at such a level that they could obtain a substantial scale of grip during restarts.

On top of that, a widely observed practice is to weave the cars from side to side during driving behind a slow safety car so that the drivers could warm up their tyres effectively.

Verstappen hits out at Aston Martin slow safety cars

After having been met with an unfortunate retirement from second position in Australian GP, Verstappen said to the reporters that the Aston Martin safety car is not fast enough to keep the tyres warmed up.

Aside from that, speaking with the reporters, Verstappen added after the race, “There's so little grip and also the safety car was driving so slow, it was like a turtle. Unbelievable. To drive 140 [km/h] on the back straight, there was not a damaged car, so I don't understand why we have to drive so slowly.

We have to investigate. The Mercedes safety car is faster because of the extra aero, because this Aston Martin is really slow. It definitely needs more grip, because our tyres were stone cold. It's pretty terrible the way we are driving behind the safety car at the moment”.

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