F1 to shake hands with Circuit Kyalami during return of Formula 1 in South Africa

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F1 to shake hands with Circuit Kyalami during return of Formula 1 in South Africa

F1’s ambition to add a racing event in the African continent became quite evident over recent past, however, with F1 looking to a speedy expansion across the globe with the event’s popularity soaring at a stupendous pace, eyes will be turned towards the Kyalami Circuit of S Africa that is expected to welcome F1 in Africa with open arms.

In point of fact, latest media headlines about growing likelihoods of a new F1 event in Circuit Kyalami have been brought into the light just weeks after F1 Chief Domenicali was quoted saying that an entirely new F1 management team would like to add more races into their calendar year with focus shifted on the US and Africa.

Just days after the remarks of Domenicali, F1 issued an announcement saying that it would be arranging three races in the US, while there would be an additional Saturday night event in the streets of Las Vegas apart form a debut of Miami as an F1 racing event.

Besides, Domenicali said later last month that F1 could arrange up to 30 races in a calendar year, though the 10 F1 teams are obligated to take part in 23 races according to their current contract.

S Africa’s Kyalami Circuit to welcome F1 in the continent

In the matter of the fact, an F1 calendar year is usually consisted of events in Europe, American and Asia, while Formula One had not had a single event in Africa since 1993.

According to a media outlet Liberty Media, as a new F1 management seek to expand beyond their predecessor’s preferred horizons, the most likely candidate for an African GP would be Kyalami Circuit located near the suburbs of Johannesburg in S Africa.