Verstappen off the pace as Red Bull engineers say RB18 is still too heavy

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Verstappen off the pace as Red Bull engineers say RB18 is still too heavy

On Monday, in an interview with a Dutch media outlet De Telegraaf, Red Bull’s racing advisor Helmet Marko had offered a simple explanation to latest troubles what title defender Verstappen has been facing off. Verstappen has not only been struggling to match the pace of Ferrari’s Leclerc, also the 24-year-old’s stance is found to be related to mechanical issues as Red Bull’s engineers have been on the lookout to a solution of the problem.

In factuality, Verstappen had to retire twice due to glitches on his cars among three early races this season. With Red Bull constructors working out a resounding resolution to a raft of mystical reliability issues that would highly likely to take a grave toll on Red Bull’s standing at the end of the season as gaps in the point table between Verstappen and Leclerc have been widening at a breakneck pace, Marko believes that the Red Bull cars could be too heavy which in effect has been holding them back.

Leclerc is leading the driver's tally with 71 points, while Verstappen is 46 points behind at 25 points.

Red Bull’s Marko says car still too heavy

When it comes to the speed issue that the Red Bull F1 team has been met with, Verstappen’s win in Saudi Arabia GP ought to be contemplated when the 2021 season winner had to fend off No 1 position after overtaking Leclerc till the very end.

Verstappen could never get out of the radar of Leclerc, as Ferrari F1 cars are too speedy to be challenged and they could only be beaten technically. Meanwhile, as Red Bull’s speed issue becomes more evident on Melbourne GP with Leclerc generating too much pace for rivals to counter, Helmut Marko said to a Dutch media outlet De Telegraaf, “Our car is way too heavy.

The RB18 finished late, as we were in the title race right through to the end last year. Updates are coming for the upcoming race at Imola (April 25 NZT) and the Grand Prix after (in Florida on May 9 (NZT). Hopefully we can get closer to Ferrari then.

We are currently more than 10 kilograms heavier than Ferrari. In terms of lap time you are already talking about a loss of three-tenths [of a second]”.