Ferrari Chair Elkann says F1 stellar start shows years of hard work is paying off

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Ferrari Chair Elkann says F1 stellar start shows years of hard work is paying off

Late on Wednesday, Ferrari Chair John Elkann said in a statement that a blockbuster opening of Ferrari in 2022 F1 season, has been the result of years of hard work. In the matter of the fact, Elkann’s latest remarks came forth as Ferrari F1 driver Charles Leclerc had already developed a 34-points lead in the driver’s championship.

Leclerc won two out of first three events in the season and finished second in Saudi Arabia GP.

Ferrari Chair says years of hard work is paying off

Although, analysts were cashing in on Mercedes and Red Bull, many F1 fans had expressed high hopes for Ferrari even before the pre-season tests.

As Ferrari F1 team engineers had been leading the tally of constructor’s championship as well with a 39-points lead from its closest competitor, an enthralled Elkann said in the Ferrari annual shareholder meet, “We said two years ago that we had to work hard to get back to being competitive and the 2022 championship has got off to a truly thrilling start,.

Like all our tifosi [fans] around the world, I am delighted we are competing at the highest level. That said, we know the season has just begun and in Formula One you are always surrounded by fierce competitors. We must work tirelessly as a team to optimize every aspect of our performance.

That is the spirit and approach I look forward to seeing at Imola and as the season progresses”. Since 2008, Ferrari F1 team could not win a single championship title, while the team had failed to win a single event back in the 2019 and 2022.