Formula 1 fends off “turtle” Aston Martin safety car after Verstappen criticism

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Formula 1 fends off “turtle” Aston Martin safety car after Verstappen criticism

The F1 Governing body has issued a statement on Thursday defending Verstappen’s criticism on a much slower Aston Martin safety car, which the title defender had branded as a “turtle”. Nevertheless, in what has been widely contemplated as a lame excuse, F1 Governing body defended Aston Martin’s safety car on Thursday saying that top speed should not be emphasized over technicality, though had botched to address the core issue that Red Bull’s Verstappen had raised.

In factuality, the 2021 F1 champion, who has currently been a long way off the driver’s championship title race, said earlier this week that F1 drivers have been struggling to cope up with a much-slower Aston Martin safety car, as many are widely viewed to sway their cars from one side to another of the grid while driving behind a slow safety car in order to maintain a better grip, without which a competitive restart would be impossible once the green flag comes in.

FIA defends ‘slow Aston Martin safety car’ accusation

In the matter of the fact, speaking after being forced to retire from No 2 in Australian GP due to a glitch in his car, Verstappen said, “The Aston Martin is really slow.

It definitely needs more grip, because our tyres were stone cold. For sure the Mercedes safety car is faster because of the extra aero”. Meanwhile, defending the Aston Martin 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 Vantage used in Melbourne, FIA said in a statement, “The FIA would like to reiterate that the primary function of the ...

safety car is, of course, not outright speed but the safety of the drivers, marshals and officials”.