Alfa Romeo F1 team to introduce revised floor at Imola

Alfa Romeo F1 Team have been set to unfurl a revised floor

by Sourav D
Alfa Romeo F1 team to introduce revised floor at Imola

Less than a couple of days ahead of Emilian Romagna Grand Prix at Imola, Alfa Romeo F1 Team have unfurled a revised floor as the team have been vying to vent out a way to survive in the thick of a fight over midfield. In factuality, latest Alpha Romeo statement that underscored an introduction of a revised floor in Italy, came against the backdrop of a near-perfect beginning of the season for the mid-tier Formula 1 team.

Despite having had a rookie like of Zhou Guanyu, the first Chinese F1 driver ever, Alpha Romeo currently stands at sixth in this season’s constructor’s championship. Alpha Romeo’s Bottas had owned a sixth and an eighth finishing position over his three starts, while Guanyu finished Melbourne GP at tenth.

Alpha Romeo to unleash a revised floor at Imola

Meanwhile, speaking in an interview with, Alpha Romeo principal Fred Vasseur had acknowledged that his F1 team must continue to improve in order to take on the rivals.

Aside from that, reflecting on the Team’s performance, Vasseur said in the interview, “I'm perfectly happy with the results of the first three events. I know also that now the development is starting from Imola and Barcelona, and so we have to be there at the right moment.

We have some updates in the pipe, as everybody does, but they have to work, and they have to work as planned. We will have a new part on the floor for Imola - it will only be the floor this week. So far it looks OK”. Besides, adding that Alpha Romeo has been concentrating on quick upgrades instead intricacies of the venues, Vasseur said, “If you wait like this, after Imola it’s Miami, which is quite tricky.

Then you have Barcelona, which is okay, but then it's Monaco, it's Baku, it's Montreal. You have perhaps two different approaches between the teams. Is it easier to bring a big package each four events, or to try to introduce one component every single event? We did like this three years ago, because two years ago, and last year, we didn't develop the car.

And I think it was very successful for us, and we will have the same approach. We will try to bring updates, not every single race, but almost. And we'll have the first one in Imola, another one in Barcelona, and we will try to continue to push and to develop as long as we can”.

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