Nico Rosberg: "Lewis Hamilton has responsibilities at Imola"


Nico Rosberg: "Lewis Hamilton has responsibilities at Imola"

Lewis Hamilton, in 2022 GP of Emilia Romagna, finished thirteenth and dubbed. Nico Rosberg said about the former teammate: "Toto Wolff is trying to support Lewis mentally. He cheers for him by saying in front of everyone: Hey Lewis, it's not your fault, the bad result depends solely on the team.

This move by Toto is certainly very clever, but it doesn't quite match the truth. Let's not forget that Russell finished fourth in Imola with that same car, so Lewis he played a big part in this poor result this weekend. George had a fantastic weekend, so more could be done with that car.


Meanwhile Hamilton shared a great news before Imola...

Lewis Hamilton has finally confirmed it, after all the rumors: the British driver has stated that he is willing to bid for the purchase of Chelsea, along with American tennis player Serena Williams.

Hamilton said: "I am a sports fan and soccer is the most important sport in the world. Chelsea is one of the most important. I heard about this opportunity and said: Wow, it's a great opportunity and I'm trying to take it." Hamilton said it today at the press conference at the Imola racetrack where the fourth GP of the F1 season will be held, confirming his interest in joining the consortium that wants to take over Chelsea from Roman Abramovich.

Lewis added: "I've been a football fan since I was a kid. I played until I was a teenager, on school teams. I played on the corner of the street where I lived, I was the only black kid but I wanted to settle in and this was one My sister punched me in the arm and told me: you have to cheer for Arsenal, and I was an Arsenal fan for 5-6 years, but my uncle Terry was a Blues fan and I have seen many leave with him." Hamilton also confirms Serena Williams' participation in the project: "We have talked about it several times, we have a very close relationship, she is an athlete and a phenomenal woman.

She asked me what I thought and I told her I wanted to be involved and she too decided to be one." The British driver concluded this part of press conference by saying: "As a kid I remember collecting stickers, trading them for sweets, pennies, other children and I wanted to have the most precious ones.

I tried to be the best in football, in the end I followed a road as a driver, but it was still a dream to be an integral part of a team."

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